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Olivia Grace | Fredericksburg, VA | Newborn Lifestyle

It is always special getting to capture a new baby joining a family, even more so when its your friends and their FIRST baby!! Lauren + Ryan were made to be a parents, she has been such a constant, genuine friend with the biggest heart and Ryan balances her perfectly always giving me something to laugh about! I have no doubt that Olivia will inherit these traits, as well as their brains-because these two are likely the most intelligent, and hardworking couple I know! (Lauren-dont let Ryan read this, he shouldn’t know I say such nice things about him!) There are so many things I love about my job, including snuggling sweet, brand new babies, and this time it was extra sweet getting to hang out, eat, and nap with my favorite new family of 3! Love you guys! 2014-09-25_0001 2014-09-25_0002 2014-09-25_0003 2014-09-25_0004 2014-09-25_0005 2014-09-25_0006 2014-09-25_0007 2014-09-25_0008 2014-09-25_0009 2014-09-25_0010 2014-09-25_0011 2014-09-25_0012 2014-09-25_0013 2014-09-25_0014 2014-09-25_0015 2014-09-25_0016 2014-09-25_0017 2014-09-25_0018 2014-09-25_0019 2014-09-25_0020 2014-09-25_0021 2014-09-25_0022 2014-09-25_0023 2014-09-25_0025 2014-09-25_0026 2014-09-25_0027 2014-09-25_0028 2014-09-25_0029 2014-09-25_0030

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  1. Ryan says:

    The mom in those photos is really hot!!!