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Luca |Manassas, VA | One year | Baby Photographer

I can’t believe I’ve let more than a month pass since Luca’s birthday and haven’t shared these yet! We took him, along with cake and balloons, over to the Manassas Battlefields for a few shots & what better way to clean up from the cake smash than a bubble bath?!
2014-09-30_0004 2014-09-30_0005 2014-09-30_0006 2014-09-30_0007 2014-09-30_0008 2014-09-30_0009 2014-09-30_0010 2014-09-30_0011 2014-09-30_0012 2014-09-30_0013 2014-09-30_0014 2014-09-30_0015 2014-09-30_0016 2014-09-30_0017 2014-09-30_0018 2014-09-30_0019 2014-09-30_0020 2014-09-30_0021 2014-09-30_0022 2014-09-30_0024 2014-09-30_0025 2014-09-30_0026 2014-09-30_0027

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  1. Alicia Lacey says:

    All the kids you photograph are cute, but DANG!! Luca is something special 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    I love all of them! Jack said “There’s my Luca!”