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The S Family | Arlington, Virginia Family Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite to shoot, particularly if there are babies involved. The more I do of them, the more I find that families with newborns or babies find it much easier, less stressful, and more fun for everyone! Plus-lets be honest, most moms do the majority of the picture taking while at home, at the park etc, so they often aren’t IN the picture but still want some everyday shots captured. I could go on and on about why I love them so much, but I will let these images speak for themselves!
I spent the morning with baby Jack and his parents in Arlington. We picked up Starbucks, a morning staple for them, and walked across the street from their condo to a park. Jack got to play and read with mommy and daddy while I snapped away. Once Jack hammed it up enough outside, we continued inside where he showed me his favorite toys and even had some (clothes) “free” time-which was definitely his favorite!

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