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Why I Offer Storybook Albums | Northern Virginia Premier Birth Photographer

When I started my business nearly three years ago, it was vastly different than it is now. I was trying out any kind of photography out there, shooting continually to practice and gain more knowledge, and I was working a full-time job in addition to starting my business. As you can imagine, in the beginning I needed to keep things as simple as possible which for me, meant not including any products. Over time my business has evolved into a very specific niche and I am blessed to be able to run my business full-time, which has allowed me to expand what Im offering to my clients beyond their session. 

As I was rebranding last fall, I wanted my new brand to be classic, neutral, simple and whimsical-with a classic storybook feel. As I began researching products, I knew I wanted the albums I offered to fit my brand, and consequently came up with the idea for a maternity, birth, newborn or family storybook! Although I do not put words in these books (except on the cover if you choose) I love the similarities that parallel children’s books:

  1. Each storybook comes with a cover, that can easily be taken off if you prefer! 
  2. They are all linen covered as opposed to leather, which fits the more laid back look of lifestyle photography. 
  3. They are the perfect size to add to a book shelf of coffee table, and are lightweight. 
  4. The book is hard covered with durable pages, so that kids can look through the album without the fear of it being damaged. 
  5. They are more cost effective because they are not the fancy leather bound albums, for families who wish to order one for each of their (maternity, newborn or birth) sessions or as gifts for grandparents! 
  6. They allow all of your images (or most-if you prefer) from your session to be compiled into one place without having to only pick a few to print.
  7.  They are designed by me with your family and busy schedule in mind. This means more time to snuggle your sweet little ones! 

If you are interested or have questions about ordering one of these albums from your past session or upcoming session shoot me an email ( so I can get the ball rolling for your storybook! 

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