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The EGP Office | Northern Virginia Premier Birth Photographer

Earlier this summer, I got fed up with the blank walls in my office, and the disorganization that had began when we first moved in and I was still teaching. I decided I needed to spruce up my office, now that I work from home full-time and spend more time in this room than any other room in the house (it’s also the only room on the ground floor of our townhouse that everyone sees when they come over, so having it in a complete disarray all the time was becoming less acceptable). 

Every time I start to take pictures of my office to share, I think of something else I want to do, or add! I finally decided to share the progress Ive made so far and to update as I go. I wanted my office to reflect my brand well, so I decided to stick with soft grey, gold and white. A lot of things I had beforehand got spray painted to match, and most of my office is straight from HomeGoods and IKEA! 

White frames: IKEA | Gold frames: HomeGoods | Desk Chair: Amazon | Desk Chair Pillow: Target | Side Chairs: HomeGoods | Gold and White Pillows: Bed Bath & Beyond | Desk: IKEA | Book Shelves: IKEA | Storage Bins: Target | Gold tray: Target | Mirrors: HomeGoods and Bed Bath & Beyond | Table Top Lamps: HomeGoods | Floor lamp: Target (spray painted) | Florals/Plants: IKEA, Target and HomeGoods | Pen Holders: Target | Desk Organizers and File Holders: HomeGoods and Target | Trash Can: IKEA | Curtains: HomeGoods | Curtain Rods: | Chandelier: | Cork Board: HomeGoods | Ledge Shelf: IKEA | Simplified Planner: Emily Ley | Acrylic Clear and Gold Clipboard: Amazon | Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Passive

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  1. Lisa Eickel says:

    It looks awesome Emily! I’d love to work in your office space!

  2. Nicole says:

    I love your office! How cool to have it be the only room on a floor too, so it is separated enough that you can feel like you are still going to work, but your in your own house! You seriously rock at being cohesive!!

  3. Vanessa Smith says:

    Love the look of your office, and all the natural light! 😉

  4. Ahhhhhh! So much love! And girl, you better get this pretty space featured somewhere! I say start from the top and reach for the stars. 😀 you never know!!! Love you! XO