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The Kennedy Family | Leesburg VA | Family Photographer

Remember the adorable blonde boys who were showing up on Facebook and instagram a few weekends back?! Well, they are finally gracing the blog today!
Chase, who is 4 was such a ham during our session. Every new location we stopped at he had to get his picture taken first, obviously to warm up for all of the family photos that followed. Brooks is 2, and pretty much decided this was not his kinda gig as soon as I brought out my camera. He had us all working to get him to smile, even had his mom chasing him around in 4-inch wedges (I hope I’m that amazing kind of mom someday) which made the shots of his smile so much more worth it. Thankfully, Andrea + Shaun we’re super laid back about the session and even let me steal a few cheesy shots of them at the end. They might be some of my favorite “couples shots” to date, and how could they not be, these two were made to be in front of the camera. Model status, seriously.



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  1. Katy Harhai says:

    Such a beautiful family and wonderful pictures to capture those memories!