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Jessica + Derek | Stafford VA | Engagement Photographer

I’ve been sitting at my computer for the last hour or so, starting a sentence, and deleting it. Writing another and deleting it too. Blogging is supposed to become easier the more I do it right? Each new couple or family I meet I get to build a connection with and write about to tell you who they are and their story. This time Im supposed to write something about my best friend and her soon-to-be husband and I can’t find the “right story” or the “hook” to this blog post. I could write you Jessica’s autobiography (yes, auto) because I know this girl better than the back of my hand. I will spare you of that, and let these images speak for themselves. I will say, however, that I CANT WAIT to travel to Hawaii in one month to celebrate and capture their wedding day for them!
2014-07-15_0001 2014-07-15_0002 2014-07-15_0003 2014-07-15_0004 2014-07-15_0006 2014-07-15_0007 2014-07-15_0009 2014-07-15_0010 2014-07-15_0011 2014-07-15_0012 2014-07-15_0013 2014-07-15_0014 2014-07-15_0015 2014-07-15_0016 2014-07-15_0017 2014-07-15_0018 2014-07-15_0019 2014-07-15_0020

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