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The J Family | Fredericksburg VA | Family Photographer

Its been a while since I captured a family that wasn’t expecting a little addition, but when my long-time (when did I get old enough to say that) friend Alli contacted me saying she wanted to do a family session around the Holiday’s when she and her sisters would all be around, I jumped at the chance!
The odds really seemed to be working against us, after fighting the flu and having to cancel our first session, the next time we scheduled for was due to rain all day. We stayed in touch throughout the day and when the rain gave us a two hour break we rushed to meet in downtown Fredericksburg and squeezed in just enough gorgeous shots to make it really difficult for me to narrow them down! 

Alli-thanks for letting me spend the afternoon laughing with you guys, you guys were the best laughing models I’ve had in a while! 

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