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The H Family | Washington, DC | Family Portrait Photographer

I met the H family at their house in DC on Saturday morning a few weeks ago. The leaves were just beginning to change, and the weather hadn’t gotten too cold yet so it was the perfect morning! There was something so sweet about Olivia’s disposition (she must get it from her momma!) that I just loved. She was such a doll to work with especially for being up early on a Saturday morning, which her Dad didn’t mind a bit (cue sarcasm) although he was a trooper as well! We walked to a park just around the corner from their house as Anne and Peter told me how they met. Their families both vacationed to the same spot each summer and they have known each other since they were kids! I love when I meet new families and I get to hear about how it all started! Spoiler alert: my favorites might be the ones where their four-legged first child makes he debut!
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