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Stephanie + David | Gainesville, VA | Maternity Photographer

When I first chatted with Stephanie on the phone several months ago about her little one on the way, I could hear in her voice just how excited she was to be expecting! She and David have waited a while for this little boy to come into their lives and they are so ready for him! We started their maternity sessions at the Battlefields just as the sun started to set, and it turned out to be the perfect early-fall evening to capture Stephanie and David together as they anticipate their little man’s arrival! Here are a few of my favorites! 

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  1. April Audain says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning and I am so exciting to meet the new man in your life!

  2. Marla says:

    They are beautiful people…inside and out. I can’t wait to see the newborn pictures !

  3. Marian J says:

    Y’all look amazing. Can’t wait to meet your pumpkin!

  4. Sherrylrae says:

    These are the best photo’s I have seen of expectant parents. You truly have a gift for photography but again look at the amazing couple.

  5. Diane Davies says:

    Congrats and best wishes. Great pictures.

  6. Kellie says:

    Beautiful family. Increasing by 1. Love the baby bump. You guys rock. Many blessings

  7. Betty Neumann says:

    Such beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Capturing great moments seems to be Emily’s great talent. These look great. Congratulations Stephanie, you’re going to be a great mother! Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby.

  8. Susan Berry says:

    You have truly captured the love these two! Or should I say these three.

  9. Cindy G says:

    Beautiful pictures. Pumpkin makes three. The pictures are beautiful. So happy for your family.

  10. Bracha Williams says:

    These photos are some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen. I can feel the love and excitement, and because I know just a little of what they’ve been through to arrive at this point: I’m emotional.

    Emily, you did such an amazing job capturing everything!

  11. Ginger says:

    "Sweet Love"

  12. Christina Jackson says:

    You have so captured the love Stephanie & David have for each other & for Lik Pumpkin. These photos are absolutely stunning!!!

  13. Tasha Golson says:

    Beautiful pictures. The photographer did an excellent job capturing their happiness in a still photo.

  14. Teresa Roman says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  15. Enola says:

    You did an awesome job capturing this special moment in Stephanie and David’s life. The photos are beautiful!

  16. Doris says:

    Beautiful couple! The photos are gorgeous!

  17. Vanessa says:

    I just love these photos–gorgeous! HUGE congrats to the three of you! <3

  18. Teresa H. says:

    Stephanie is RADIANT! And looking oh-so-fashionable in her Stella & Dot jewels!!

  19. Betty Copeland says:

    Beautiful pics– wonderful settings– professionally done!

  20. Claudine says:

    The setting, the lighting, and especially the couple were perfect. Beautiful photos. Congrats, Stephanie!

  21. Megan evana says:

    I couldn’t be happier for this amaing couple!! It’s almost baby time!

  22. Jane Pace says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  23. Bridgette says:

    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

  24. EJ Smith says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! It’s so easy to see that you’re going to be welcoming your baby into a home and a relationship that is overflowing with love. That’s one lucky kid!

  25. Jennifer Kirby says:

    What beautiful photographs! You look amazing, Stephanie!!!

  26. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to see some pics of the baby!! Beautiful photographs!!

  27. Dollia says:

    Keeping you and your pregnancy in my novena to St. Therese, Stephanie. Love your photos and I can’t wait to hear that you are in labor. Miss you so much my friend!

  28. Yanick St Jean says:

    3 people!
    I love these pics of my grandchild, with her (or his) beautiful parents: my daughter and son-in-law! Thank you for capturing so well their joy and love for each other!

  29. Rachael says:

    Congratulations, Stephanie! You look beautiful and I’m so happy for you!

  30. Rebekah Sanderlin says:

    Stunning pictures of a gorgeous couple!

  31. Camellia says:

    Congratulations and I can’t wait to see Pumpkin!

  32. B James says:

    I love these photos!!

  33. marla says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple!!

  34. Kellie says:

    Beautiful! Congrats to you both!

  35. Shayla Galloway, Columbus, Ga says:

    Congrats! Motherhood is beyond awesome. There are some lows…but nothing compares to the highs:)

  36. Jameelah Peoples says:

    Breathtaking pictures of a beautiful couple!!! I can’t wait to see the newborn pictures! Jameelah Peoples

  37. Suzi Strickland says:

    Beautiful!! You are glowing, Stephanie!!

  38. Treva Blanton says:

    The photographs are stunning, but who wouldn’t expect that from this gorgeous and extremely photogenic couple. Congrats on your son and I cannot wait to see his first pictures.

  39. Renee Holloway-Vaughan says:

    Congrats on the birth of your little prince! I’m so happy for you!

  40. Renee Holloway-Vaughan says:

    The pics are stunning! Pregnancy looks good on you!

  41. Sandy Frank says:

    Beautiful pictures! A boy..Congratulations. ..can’t wait to see his picture once he arrives!

  42. Shelly says:

    Picture perfect pregnancy! I can’t wait to see your little Pumpkin!

  43. Tammy Davis says:

    Wow you and your husband will be so glad you did these, and what a treasure for your first born pumpkin to have.

  44. Tori says:

    Gorgeous photos. Congrats!

  45. JaNae says:

    Cute photos! Congratulations!

  46. Bronwyn Wilson says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Very natural and wonderful setting.

  47. Molly Sutter says:

    So beautiful! And I just looked at the photos…want to be surprised. 🙂

  48. Debra says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  49. Sidra says:

    Love them! Can’t wait to meet the little man!

  50. Dee Brown says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful photos….David and Stephanie…..congrats!

  51. Susan Evans says:

    You are gorgeous mama! So happy for you guys!

  52. Heidi Pinkham says:

    Beautiful setting!!!

  53. Heidi Pinkham says:

    Love the beautiful flowers! Such a beautiful couple. Photographer did a wonderful job!

  54. Robbie Monfort says:

    These are some of the sweetest pictures, capturing this special time of two wonderful people.

  55. Val Clark says:

    Beautiful pics!

  56. Dahlia says:

    Beautiful pic! You make pregnancy look good and ALMOST make me want to do it again. lol Congratulations again to you and your hubby!

  57. Suzie says:

    Hard to ick a favorite pic. A great way to capture this special time

  58. Valerie says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  59. Dawnyale says:

    Beautiful love captured in a beautiful composed shutter of the lens!

  60. Madlene says:

    Wonderful photos and you have such a cute baby bump. So happy for you and David!!!

  61. Courtney King says:

    Congrats! You look great Stephanie! Being a mom is the most precious gift.

  62. Sherrylrae says:

    I am impressed with your pictures

  63. Diane Jones says:

    Awesome pictures!!

  64. Samantha Musso says:

    Stunning photos of a beautiful family!

  65. Sheila Hand says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! I am so excited for them to welcome their little pumpkin! You captured such beauty and love…

  66. megan says:

    Love all the photos!!!!

  67. Kelly Bowie says:

    Love the photos and this beautiful couple. I am proud to call them friends

  68. Virginia C says:

    I can’t wait to meet this little Pumpkin! So happy for them! Love the photos!

  69. Evelyn G. says:

    Great pics…and such a beautiful family!

  70. Claiborne says:

    Beautiful couple…

  71. Monica E. says:

    You look stunning Stephanie!

  72. Des says:

    I love these photos!! What an exciting, special time. We are all so happy for you, Steph!!

  73. Gus says:

    So happy for 2 of my favorite people… luv ya’ll

  74. Tomeka says:

    I absolutely adore each and every photo and am eagerly anticipating your Pumpkin’s arrival!

  75. Sue says:

    Love all of the photos! So excited for Dave & Stephanie!

  76. Jana Tarleton says:

    Beautiful inside and out! These are just the start of so many pictures to share your love for each other with your little man! Hugs! Jana

  77. Ana Escarcega says:

    Gorgeous pictures, you can feel their love through them! Beautiful couple!

  78. Beth Allen says:

    Really lovely photos! Congratulations to you both 🙂

  79. Nadine says:

    These are Absolutely Amazing pictures of my sister Stephanie and David! You captured a very Special moment in their lives in a way that they are sure to Cherish for years to come!


  80. Emily Arnett says:

    Awesome pics! So many many congrats!

  81. Rebecca Cartee says:

    Beautiful photos. I am so happy for you Stephanie (and David, too) Miss you tons! You will treasure these amazing photos forever. Hug the little man for me when he puts in an appearance.

  82. Andrea says:

    Beautiful pics. God bless this baby.

  83. Karin says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love all of the shots, especially that they are in nature. Just lovely!!

  84. KC says:

    Oh! You captured their love for one another and the joy and anticipation for our bundle perfectly! Thank you!!

  85. Taylor Miller says:

    Gorgeous photos, Stephanie!!!

  86. kimberly M says:

    Such a beautiful blessing! Miss you Stephenie but so very thrilled to see you becoming a mommy. The photos really communicate your story well.

  87. Dorothy Williams says:

    Beautiful pics. Your love for each other and the joy of this moment was fully captured.

  88. Pat Whipple says:

    What beautiful photos! She really captured a special time in your lives!

  89. Charis Bowling says:

    These pictures are beautiful. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my newest grandnephew.