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The Beckwith Family | Manassas VA | Family Photographer

I don’t think it gets much more adorable than these 3 boys! Lauren and I got in touch through her sister, Natalie who is a great friend of mine at school. Because the boys dad has a special job and would be out of the country for the summer she knew it was time to have some family pictures taken. These guys kept me on my toes, they were so full of energy, excitement and curiosity and I loved being able to capture it!
2014-05-23_0001 2014-05-23_0003 2014-05-23_0004 2014-05-23_0005 2014-05-23_0006 2014-05-23_0010 2014-05-23_0009 2014-05-23_0002 2014-05-23_0011 2014-05-23_0013 2014-05-23_0007 2014-05-23_0014 2014-05-23_00152014-05-23_0012

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