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Bridal Shower: Emily’s Been Hooked! | Personal

If you were to ask any current or recent bride, I bet they would tell you that they have the BEST bridesmaids, and while I know I am  just a little, okay A LOT biased, I truly feel like I have the BEST, most supportive group of women who have been there every step of the way. Each of them has played a different role in helping me not only plan a ‘wedding’ but prepare for a marriage, which many people can lose sight of and I am so thankful for them!
I definitely wanted my bridal shower to be a reflection of both me and Mark, so when my sister and I sat down to talk through some “theme” ideas, we talked about how much we loved that we were able to tie fishing into our engagement pictures, and thought we could do the same thing for the shower. Once that was decided I was off the hook (see what I did there?!) when it came to preparing for the shower. My sister, Angie, planned and executed the theme using coral, navy and gold elements, with the help of my bridesmaids + some family members, and I have to say it turned out perfectly! Here are a few pictures from the day, enjoy the awkward opening-present faces! (PS-the majority of these images were taken by my fabulous friend Katie-thanks for playing photog for the day, and some detail shots by Angie!)

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