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Mandy + Brandon | Gainesville VA | Engagement Photographer

It is always special for a couple to choose me as their wedding photographer, I  feel like its a behind the scenes look at their wedding day; from the planning, to the engagement session and the meetings in between, I get to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives! What is even better is when you are already friends with the bride!
I have known Mandy for more than 10 years. We spent weeks together at dance camp in the summer, and made trips to Taco Bell with her dad on Friday nights while we were in high school after football games. I have so many memories growing up with her and I am so grateful I get to capture these new memories for her and Brandon. People say “I have never seen (insert friends name here) this happy” but for Mandy I can honestly say she has found the one. Brandon keeps her laughing and smiling, and there were even times during their engagement session that I had to remind them to stop kissing! I think the pictures speak for themselves but their love for each other is radiating! These are some of my favorite engagement photos to date, Mandy and Brandon: you guys rocked it!

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