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January Birth Photography Q+A | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer

My good friend and fellow birth photographer, Liz and I sat down a few weeks ago for a coaching session with Katelyn James, who each of us have done coaching with in the past and learned so much from. We knew when it came time to formulate a plan for 2016, to spread the beauty of birth photography + educate others, she would be the best person to talk to after building a very successful educational side to her own business, and we are so glad we did.

We are so excited to kick-off what is going to be a big year for us with our last free Birth Photography Q+A! We hosted two of these earlier this year and have loved seeing so many talented photographers go after their dream of shooting births, and are excited to offer one more Q+A completely free for the first 10 people to sign up! If you are thinking about becoming a birth photographer, considering it and just have general questions, or know you want to start and just don’t know how-this is for you!


Follow this link for registration!



“Emily and Liz, are such beautiful women inside and out! They truly want you to learn and grow for yourself, the birthing industry, and your clients. During the Q+A they were very prepared, professional, and honest in their answers and gave a well round interpretation of all of the questions asked. Be ready to take notes and giggle because these ladies are a hoot to be around!!! :)”

“I could not write fast enough as I took notes on all the information you shared. I so appreciate your openness and honesty because, as a new photographer, I have struggled to find professionals who are interested in sharing their passion in a teaching model. I feel so excited to find my first mamas and share in their experience! I also feel more confident in the process and have found grace to give myself as I learn! This Q+A was worth every minute AND I feel sure that even if I attended another one, I would learn even more. Thank you so much!”

If you are having issues registering, please email me

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  1. Tracy Ann says:

    Hi! I would love to enroll in the free birthing photography online class but the link keeps bringing me back to the article. Do tell! Please include me 😁 I’m Tracy Ann of Innovative Arts Photography.

  2. Emily Gerald says:

    Hi Tracy! Shoot me an email!