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If You Like Selfies | Grenada | Honeymoon

…skip to the end! Don’t worry, I didn’t post ALL of them, just a few! We truly couldn’t have had a more enjoyable honeymoon, I mean, I don’t know what everyone else’s was like but ours was the BEST. Mark got to scuba dive (I tried, lets save that story for another time) we went deep sea fishing, got massages, took a glass bottom boat tour, hung out by the ocean, & the pool, met many friends, explored the island, searched for monkeys, saw waterfalls, ate way too much and got a tan I am hoping will last me through the winter. If you’re in the market for a Caribbean vacation, inbox me so I can tell you how fabulous it really was, and how well taken care of we were-seriously, you should go to Grenada too.

Now on to the good stuff and no shame if you’re like me– you would have scrolled through the pictures already!

PS-most of these were taken with our faithful iPhone cameras, a few from a waterproof camera, and then there are the ones that the Sandals photographers followed us around all day to capture-those are obviously Mark’s favorites! 

And who says Virginia isn’t just as beautiful?!

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