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Home vs Studio Sessions | Newborn Photography

Sleeping newborn baby through crib slats | Image by Emily Gerald Photography

One of the questions my clients ask the most often is whether they should opt for a home vs. studio session for their newborn. While there isn’t a right or wrong answer, there is definitely an option that will feel like the best fit for you and your family.

In-Home Newborn Sessions

1) Skip the Travel – Prefer not to load everyone in the car for the trek to the studio? An in-home session is a perfect solution. I’ll come to you. You won’t even need to worry about packing a day bag!

| Image by Emily Gerald Photography
2) Your New Baby has Older Siblings – If you have multiple little ones and toddlers who are most comfortable in their own environment, an in-home session might be ideal.

| Image by Emily Gerald Photography3) A More Personalized & Relaxed Feel-In-home sessions also offer a more intimate and personal feel. You’ll have the same amazing session experience from the comfort of your own home. You can snuggle up on your bed or rock your baby in their nursery.

Home Vs Studio Sessions | Image by Emily Gerald Photography

4) You Want to Document Your Nursery – I love being invited into my clients’ homes and hearing all about their nurseries. Some parents love pouring extra details and intention into their baby’s rooms and want to commemorate those details with photography. The same thought applies to any particular area in your home you want to document!

| Image by Emily Gerald PhotographyNo worries if that’s not your thing. I’ve got you covered with Studio Sessions

Studio Newborn Sessions

1) Skip The Speed Clean – Studio newborn sessions are perfect for those who’d rather not spend the morning of their session making last-minute adjustments to their home. I’ll take care of the prep and clean-up for studio newborn sessions! You get to show up, enjoy your session, and head home.

Home Vs Studio Sessions | Image by Emily Gerald Photography2) Consistent Feel – The studio might be ideal if you prefer a simple, clean background for your sessions. By opting for the studio, all your images will have a consistent feel. This leads to more cohesion in your albums or when hanging custom artwork.

| Image by Emily Gerald Photography3) Wardrobe Access-Not sure what you want to wear but don’t have time to come to the studio for a wardrobe consultation before the session? No problem. When you reserve a studio session, you have access to the entire client wardrobe!

Home Vs Studio Sessions | Image by Emily Gerald PhotographyNo matter how you’re leaning in the home vs. studio newborn session debate, a newborn session is a wonderful way to document this time of newness with your family. If you’ve still got questions, feel free to get in touch.  I’ll be glad to help guide you to the perfect fit for you!

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