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Our Favorite Reasons to Hire A Makeup Artist for Newborn Photos

Hire A Makeup Artist for Newborn Photos

Should you book hair and makeup for your upcoming session? We get this question more than you might think! We have five simple reasons why our answer is almost always yes! Here are our favorite reasons to hire a makeup artist for newborn photos.

Our Favorite Reasons to Hire A Makeup Artist for Newborn Photos

You are investing in the photos, and professional makeup enhances your features

Nothing is worse than planning an entire experience only to have a bad hair day on your session day. Skip this worry, and know you will be in the best hands with our trusted hair and makeup artist.

Professional artists are experts at providing hair and makeup services for photography purposes.

Believe it or not, shoot-day makeup is slightly different from everyday wear. More often than not, camera makeup is a tad heavier (in very strategic areas) to ensure you look and feel your best on camera.

It’s an excuse to pamper yourself.

What better excuse than a photo session than to spend an hour or so having your hair and makeup done by a professional? There is truly nothing better as a mom than sitting in that chair with nowhere else in the world to be. It’s like a mini vacation.

It will lessen the burden on yourself on the day of your session.

We mentioned it above, but we love letting the pros handle things. Why not check one extra item off your list and let our professional hair and makeup artist do the heavy lifting?

It will make you feel so beautiful, and it will boost your confidence during your session!

Don’t worry, you’ll still look every bit as beautiful as you do any other day. But we love how our mamas rave about how amazing they felt after working with our HMUA. You’ll look and feel like the most elevated version of you, and it’s such a confidence boost in front of the camera.

Bonus: Yes, she travels to your home, or you can have the HMUA services done at the studio.

The icing on the cake? Our trusted hair and makeup artist will come to your home before the session to work with you! Yep, you read that right. Or, if you prefer, meet us at the studio a bit early for the same amazing experience in our studio!

A Few Words From Our Favorite HMUA Yisell

Introduce yourself to us! 

Hi there!!  I’m Yisell, and I’m the owner of Yisell Santos – Hair & Makeup.  I’m originally from NYC (born and raised) but moved away when my husband joined the Army in his 30’s!!

How long have you been doing makeup professionally? What got you started in the business? 

I’ve been doing makeup for 17 years and hair for 10.  I’ve always wanted to be an artist, and makeup just kind of fell into my lap.  I saw a behind-the-scenes video of America’s Next Top Model, and when I saw makeup artists doing their thing, that’s when I decided makeup was going to be the route I take.

Why is having your hair and makeup done a wise investment?

I know that as human beings, especially as a mother, we can be a little hard on ourselves, and we don’t always feel our best.  I’m a firm believer that beauty has an emotional connection to how we feel. And when you love how you look, you’re a little lighter in your step.

What makes you different from other makeup artists?

I went into this line of work so that I could make others feel and look amazing.  17 years in, and that has not changed.  I genuinely LOVE making other people smile when they look into the mirror.

Do I need to know exactly how I want my hair and makeup to look, or do you help me in deciding? 

Many of my clients have an idea in mind, but some don’t really know if what they have in mind will work for them, and that’s okay.  I am here to help.

I have sensitive skin, is that okay? 

Absolutely!  While I carry a lot of options in my kit for sensitive skin if you are allergic to anything in particular, it’s best to let me know prior to your appointment so I’m sure to check my ingredient list.

I think I want to have my hair and makeup done, but I still want to look like *me*; how do we accomplish that?

99% of my clients just want to look like themselves, and I’m all for that.  At your appointment, I ask a series of questions, such as what your daily makeup wear is and/or if you’d like to try something new.  I work with you to create the look that you feel most comfortable in.

Will the makeup hurt my baby’s skin if it happens to touch them?

Not at all.  I try my best to stock my kit with skincare and makeup that is free of parabens, talc, etc.

I’m a newly postpartum mom, is it okay if I need to feed my baby during the process?

Absolutely!  I put a lot of time into my schedule in case the baby needs to feed.  At our appointment, we are on baby’s time.  I am 100% okay with pausing so you can feed your baby with love and zero rush.

If I want to change something like my lip color once I see it on, is that possible?

Always.  I carry a variety of colors and finishes (matte, glossy) in my kit but if what we chose isn’t something you like, we can always change it.  I also encourage clients to bring their own lipstick color, especially if they have a signature color they love and wear often.

Do you come to my house or do I come to you? 

I have a home studio located in Bristow, and clients are always welcome here.  I can also come to you whether it’s your home or the photographer’s studio.

Do you offer trial hair and makeup services? 

I do!  While most of my trials are done for brides, I’ve done hair and/or makeup trials for non-brides.  That option is always open to everyone.

Do you do other kinds of events besides weddings and photography sessions?

Yes!  I’ve also done hair & makeup for Prom, Date Nights, Birthday Parties, and Mother’s Day Weekend (one of my most popular weekends)!  

Our Favorite Reasons to Hire A Makeup Artist for Newborn Photos

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