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Fuerst Family | Manassas VA | Maternity Photographer

Family sessions have been so much fun for me lately, mostly because I have some awesome clients, but also because I so enjoy looking back on the images and seeing how the kids (parents too) warm up to me & the camera throughout the session. In this case, Jackson and Kate were a little shy at first, they even wanted mommy and daddy to have their pictures taken first so they could see how it was done. Brian kept Kelly laughing the entire time which did not seem out of the ordinary for these two, and it made my job that much easier. By the end of the session the kids were completely silly-and the outcome was some of my favorite family images to date!
2014-08-14_0001 2014-08-14_0002 2014-08-14_0003 2014-08-14_0005 2014-08-14_0004 2014-08-14_0006 2014-08-14_0007 2014-08-14_0009 2014-08-14_0008 2014-08-14_0010 2014-08-14_0012 2014-08-14_0011 2014-08-14_0013 2014-08-14_0014 2014-08-14_0015 2014-08-14_0016 2014-08-14_0017 2014-08-14_0018 2014-08-14_0020 2014-08-14_0022 2014-08-14_0021 2014-08-14_0023 2014-08-14_0024 2014-08-14_0025

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