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Evelyn Ann | Fairfax VA | Premier Birth Photographer

Ashleigh’s entire pregnancy, she had been telling me that Evelyn was going to come early. Being conservative about my guess when she would arrive, I kept thinking she wasn’t going to come until November (a few days after her estimated delivery date) so I was in disbelief when I got a text from Ash saying that my niece was coming in the next 24 hours last Tuesday-nine days before her due date. I packed up my things, while they headed to the hospital and got myself comfy at a nearby Starbucks until I got the message to head over around 5:30. Evie was born a little over two hours later, and Ash was such a champ throughout her labor and delivery! We are all so thrilled that Ashleigh’s instinct was right and Evelyn joined our family early, we love her to pieces!  

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  1. Kelley Palmer says:

    I teared up at the pictures when Ashleigh cried! So beautiful Em!

  2. Christine Locke says:

    Emily, a truly beautiful tribute! Thank for sharing. 💕💗

  3. Joann says:

    I love these!! Congratulations!!