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Birth arrives on a sea of emotions, where memories recede on waves of new experiences, one tumbling after the other. Having a birth photographer allows you to fully live in these early moments of motherhood knowing that your story is being artfully told. You can rest in each new encounter without fear that you won’t remember each precious moment. Days, nights, holidays and weekends...babies have a way of choosing their own birthday. For two weeks before and two weeks following your due date I am on call for your birth 24/7. During your labor, I will quietly and unobtrusively, document the emotions, the strength and the joy of your baby’s first day on earth. 

The Birth Experience

Your baby is changing before your eyes. You know because you can’t stop staring at this little miracle of life in your arms. Fresh 48 sessions are intimate sessions in the hospital or birthing center, perfect for capturing family introductions of the new baby to their siblings and can be a nice compromise for mothers who want a more guided experience of capturing her baby’s first few hours of life, without documenting the full birth experience! 

Fresh 48 Experience

Let me know when you are due, and if there are specific moments you are most excited to have captured. I will send you a detailed birth photography guide that will address the most commonly asked questions as well as provide you with packaging and pricing options.

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You have questions and I have answers! We will go over any concerns, logistics and planning needed for a successful birth session.

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Birth is unpredictable, and you have enough unknowns surrounding your baby’s arrival which is which I have put together a comprehensive package that is both simple and inclusive. The only option you will have to decide on is whether to add a story-telling album!

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Birth is an intimate experience so it is important to me that I know you and what you desire from your birth experience in order to be able to capture your baby’s birthday as accurately as possible. I will follow up to review your answers and ensure you don’t have any lingering questions.

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I will send you my contract and invoice where you can pay your retainer. This may be the easiest part of your birth experience! It is simple, easy to access and can be done from your phone!

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I begin my on call for your birth at 38 weeks and continue through 42 weeks.

On-Call Period



It’s finally here and I will be with you from the time active labor starts through the first hour or of Baby’s arrival

Baby’s birthday!



The Process


Serving mothers during this early season of motherhood means accepting a limited number of families each month. This allows me to provide exemplary service and still plan around those babies who like to make their own schedules! 
Birth, Maternity and Newborn sessions are typically reserved at the beginning of your second trimester. There aren’t many things you can plan for with motherhood, but photos are one of them. Don’t wait to invest in your family’s memories!

Fresh 48 Collections Begin at 1750
Birth Photography Collections Begin at 2750

Birth is such an empowering, life altering, beautiful, transition in a woman's life. After having two children and cherishing every memory and photo I had from their births, I knew that with my third I wanted it professionally documented. I wanted to be able to show my daughter these deeply personal moments when she forever changed our lives for the better. I immediately started looking for a local birth photographer and when I came across Emily I knew she was the one I wanted. My feelings were instantly validated when we had our first meeting. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend. Emily and I built a personal relationship throughout my pregnancy but she also kept it very professional and I respected that so much. When it came time for me to have my baby she was not just my photographer, she was a huge part of my support team and she was a comfort that I didn't know I needed. She was able to capture my birth beautifully while staying out of the way of the medical staff and remaining respectful of everyone in the room. I'm so incredibly thankful for the images she was able to take. I have looked at them countless times since my daughters birth and I know that hiring Emily was the best decision I could have made. I can't recommend her services enough. If I am ever given the chance to bring another little life into this world there isn't anyone else I’d want there to document it.

-Ashley W.


After meeting Emily during my 3rd pregnancy I knew she fit right in with my family the minute I met her. She is warm, compassionate and always with a smile on her face but more importantly has a skill that most photographers don't have. A charming and loving personality that captures any small child and makes you feel at home. Having her in my home days after my 3rd baby was born was such a treat! THEN come my fourth and final pregnancy! This little baby boy or girl was to be a surprise and these photos will always remind us of that wonderful day surrounded by the ones we love most welcoming our sweet baby GIRL into this world! How can you not love her for capturing that!!! Seriously, she is one of kind and INVESTING in her photography will last forever.

-Shana D.


Emily was our birth photographer for our son, Bane! I had reservations about it - would I get camera shy? would it distract me? Having spoken with other famiiles, and realizing it may be a regret if I didn't hire a professional, I decided I'd curb my shyness! On a personal level, I got to know her as a wedding vendor - she is so funny, likeable and so sweet! She photographs babies and births because she just LOVES it - it's her passion - not just her profession. Her personality and understanding her passion for birth photography helped me to feel comfortable about the whole 'photographer during the birth' thing. She was able to capture so many special moments, while also somehow remaining 'out of the way' of medical staff and my family. She arrived at the hospital late at night (and even got to spend loads of quality time with my mother - who now wants to adopt her as part of our family!) and stayed the entire next day until he arrived. Essentially she was like a fly on the wall during the process. The moments she captured were beautiful, emotional, and will be treasured forever! I cannot say enough kind words about her - if you have any questions about how it was having her with us on his birthday, please ask me! 

-Amanda V.


Emily photographed the birth of our first child, Lydia. I knew I wanted pictures of my baby immediately after she was born but hadn't thought much about photos of me laboring. Emily explained that she could take as many or as few shots during labor as I wanted. I told her I wanted to stay modest and she completely respected that. She reassured me that birth photography doesn't have to include the baby crowning unless I want it to! She met as at the hospital and after a quick hello in between contractions, I never again noticed she was even in the room till after I delivered! She truly was a fly on the wall. I cannot begin to explain how much I cherish those memories she captured so beautifully. I don't remember a lot from my drug-free labor so it was great to look back at each step of the way, now knowing I was so close to meeting my little one. My baby will never be as new and tiny as she was that day and now instead of just a hazy mental image or an ugly picture with my cell phone I have amazing photos to remember how perfect she was forever!

-Hannah E.