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Bane Alan | Stafford VA | Birth Photographer

I probably sound like a broken record, every time I sit down to write a new blog post about a family, a new baby, or an engaged couple I find myself at a loss for words. Many times, in my opinion, the pictures speak for themselves. In this case I am still in sheer amazement that I got to witness this little man come into the world. I haven’t witnessed many births, so I am no expert, but I do know that Amanda truly amazed me, and everyone who was there supporting her with her strength and determination. I remember her mom telling her at one point “they don’t call it labor for nothing”  and let me tell you, she WORKED to bring her little boy into this world! It was so sweet to see Robby by her side supporting her through the entire labor, you can see how much Robby lit up when his little boy was finally here holding his hand!
Amanda and Robby I can’t tell you how truly  thankful I am that I got to capture Bane’s birth for you guys. I hope you love these images as much as I do! PS- do you recognize the song?! I had to incorporate Disney somehow!

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  1. So beautiful! What an incredible thing to have captured, and I love the song choice! Amanda is one strong, incredible Mama. Great job, Emily! xoxo!

    • emily says:

      Thank you Nikki!! She is definitely an incredible Mama, as Im sure you will be too! Let me know when you and Matt are ready for a birth photographer! 😉

  2. Beautiful Emily! Just beautiful!! Definitely a cryfest over here watching the video. You captured the emotion of the day just beautifully. Thank you so so so much for photographing his birth for us. I will treasure these images forever and ever 🙂 I wish everyone would do birth photography — so awesome to have to remember the little miracle happening!

    • emily says:

      I am so blessed you let me be a part of it all! And-I agree, everyone should have a birth photographer!

  3. Sharon H says:

    What a beautiful video to capture an incredible beginning for a new family. I cried and loved every minute!!!!!

  4. […] of my impatient self). Emily created a slideshow that has music that will make you cry… seen here. If you need a birth photographer, please call Emily – she’s pretty awesome… 🙂 […]