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Baby Portraits | What is a Milestone Session Anyway?

Each new skill delights new parents, yet too often, you look back, realizing that you rushed this baby stage as you eagerly waited for the next new ability to develop. Savor these moments through milestone sessions that let you relive those firsts all over again through their baby portraits!

Baby Portraits | What is A Milestone Session Anyway? 

What is a milestone session anyway? I often get this question from expecting parents, and I love helping them determine if it’s a good fit for them. Of course, we know some people prefer one session a year, but we highly recommend going the extra mile during your baby’s first year. We promise you won’t regret it. 

Which Milestones Should I Document Of My Baby 

If you’re curious about when you should schedule your first milestone session or need help deciding which to document, we can help. Every baby is different developmentally, but there are a few key milestones we like to cover. From first smiles to silly toddler faces, we cover it all. 

The first milestone session is around the three-month mark. Babies are a little more expressive during this time and can typically hold their heads up independently. This is a perfect time to photograph during tummy time (we promise, they like it a little more by this age). 

The next session is the sitter session, which is usually right around the six-month mark. We love for babies to be able to sit up by themselves during these sessions. One of our favorite poses is having babies sit by themselves on our studio bed. They look so cute, and you can just start to see them becoming a bit more independent. Buckle up, Mom and Dad; they’ll be on the move soon! 

Our third session is right around the nine-month mark. During this season, baby is crawling and starting to pull up on their own. These sessions are so fun, and babies are much busier.

The one-year milestone is always one of my favorites. We always get shots of their cute little chunky thighs so you can remember those little leg rolls forever. During this session, babies are usually very active and all over the place, but don’t worry; we are pros at photographing babies on the move.

During all of these sessions, we love to get a mix of family portraits as well as lots of good solo photos of baby. There’s nothing sweeter than finishing your milestone sessions and seeing them all together. It’s the most adorable way to see your baby’s growth through images you treasure. Of course, as a mom, I know the value of candid moments and silly videos on my phone, but having professional portraits of your family is one of the only investments that never depreciate! 

Ready to start your baby portrait milestone journey? We would love to chat with you. It’s never too late to get started! 

Baby Portraits | What is a Milestone Session?

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