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A Year of Births | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer

It was exactly one year ago today, I had my bags packed and was anxiously awaiting the call to head to the hospital to shoot my very first birth. As I reflect on the past year and all that has changed, shooting ten births was certainly one of my personal highlights. There is truly nothing like witnessing the miracle of birth, and being able to capture that miracle for my families is not only part of my business, but its a huge part of who I am.

Sure, ten births may not sound like a lot but amidst moving into a new home, getting married to the best guy I know, traveling out of the country & within the country, giving up my teaching position to pursue my business, starting and finishing working part-time for 5 of the sweetest kids I know, and becoming a Creative at Heart team member ten births is more than I could have hoped for (I remember sitting in Olive Garden telling my husband if I shot THREE that would be a lot)! 

Of those ten births, 4 were baby girls and 6 were baby boys. 8 were born in a hospital, 1 was born at home and 1 was born in a birthing center. 2 were born via caesarean, 1 was a surprise gender reveal, 3 were named after they were born, 7 were named before they were born. 1 was the first baby born in the new year, 5 were born without pain medication, 1 was born into the water, and 3 were born after using a birthing pool. 3 were born with the assistance of a doula, 6 were born in the care of a midwife and 4 in the care of an OB. 5 babies are the oldest in their family, 3 are the third born, 1 is the fourth born and 1 is the fifth born. 100 tiny fingers and 100 tiny toes, lots of tears, lots of laughs, more joy and love than is quantifiable and 10 beautiful babies. Enjoy some of my favorites! 

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  1. Nicole Burmeister says:

    Congratulations!! You seriously rock at your craft! Beautiful images of births and new families!! Can’t wait to see what you do in year two 🙂