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Our Must Have Newborn Baby Items | Gainesville, Virginia Newborn Photographer

After 8+ months of life with twins, one of the questions we get asked most often is “what can you not live without?” While I’d like to think we keep it minimal, the reality is anything that helps manage two babies at once is a win in our book. Our favorite items have changed and evolved over time, but to get through the first few weeks of newborn fog these were the things we felt we couldn’t live without (or our favorites/preferences). We still have plenty of other things we have LOVED and would recommend putting on your baby registry, but thats another post coming soon!

Honest Diapers-Both of our babes have pretty sensitive bottoms. We got different brands of diapers at our baby shower and tried them all, but honest was the only brand that didn’t give them diaper rash. A lot of people like the fun designs, but we do the bundle from their website and I usually get the plain white ones!

Water Wipes -We planned on using the Honest wipes that came with the bundle that we get (we still use them, just not for diapers changes, but with sensitive bottoms, these were the best for our babes. They are a bit of a pain to get out of the package but the gentleness is worth it! Subscribe and Save on Amazon is the most cost effective way Ive found to get them!

Honest Diaper Rash Cream -Did I mention our babies have sensitive bottoms? This has always been our go to (and the Healing Balm). We add them on to our diaper bundle and save 25% or when we need them quickly, get them off Amazon!

Munchkin Changing Pad Liners -We still use these! They’re easy to throw down wherever diapers changes are happening, and can be thrown in the wash. A few of ours have sadly been retired after some major blow-outs but they’re relatively inexpensive!

Wipe Warmer -I don’t know any newborns who like to get their diapers changed, plus cold wipes, I cant blame them! We used this for the first three months or so. The one I linked we found to be the easiest to use and refill (which we did often with two kids!)

Pack N Play -We live in a townhouse so I knew we wouldn’t want to go upstairs to a changing table to change diapers, so having a place to stand and change diapers (because bending over after delivery is no fun) on our main floor was a must. Our pack n’ play also holds diapers/wipes, and has (what we called) a bassinet seat that vibrates. This seat became a life saver for us, so much so that we bought a second pack n’ play just like this (we use both when we go to friends or families houses and need for the babies to have a place to nap) and both of our babes would easily nap in these seats. They have just the right amount of recline that we felt comfortable letting them nap in them. You can also easily lift the seat out and move it to the floor in another room if needed, as well as store extra blankets and baby things underneath the seat easily! Seriously cant recommend this enough, and Buy Buy Baby has 20% off coupons!

Zipper Sleepers -I knew I would prefer zippers over buttons before we even had babies, but knowing we had two on the way and ALL the diapers changes that came along with two meant zippers were non-negotiable! Target has some of the best and most reasonably priced options!

Swaddle-Me Swaddles -Even as often as I swaddled babies before having my own, (Id like to think I got pretty proficient at it!) I still preferred velcro swaddles over anything else (muslin swaddles are great for everything BUT swaddling. We tried a few different brands but found these to be the most effective at keeping both babies swaddled in tight, and used them for naps and bedtime until they learned to roll over. You can get them off Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, or if you are in a bind Target carries them too!

Zipadeezip -These are what our babies transitioned into after they learned to roll, and they are still wearing! They are lightweight material, have held up well after several washes, and I believe are a big part of the reason our babies nap or sleep well anywhere! We put them into their zippy’s and they know its time for sleeping!

Dock-A-Tot -Having twins, we knew we wanted them to sleep in their room in their cribs as early on as possible, but we wanted the option to have them in our room with us for the first few weeks and planned on using the dock-a-tot as a way to help smooth any transition that needed to happen.

White Noise Machine -White Noise is an absolute must have for babies in my book! This particular sound machine is my favorite because it has a wide variety of sound options, but it also gets louder than most of them, in addition to being able to change the tone of each sound.

Baby Shusher -We got a baby shusher from a friend as a gift and it was the BEST gift. We ended up purchasing a second one because they were so good for our babies as tiny newborns and we could easily take them with us in their carseats, or for sleeping other places!

Wubanub -These are great because the animal attached to the paci helps the paci stay in the babies mouth, it makes it easy to find in the middle of the night or in a dark room or carseat too.

Baby Wrap -We wore our babies A LOT in the beginning. It was the only way we could keep them happy some nights, especially during witching hour, and the only way I could accomplish anything on a normal day. We liked the Moby best for wrapping up both babies at once, but the Boba is very similar in material and worked well also! I swear by baby wearing, especially when nothing else seems to work to keep baby calm, happy and sleeping!

Angel Care Baby Bath Support -We tried three different kinds of bath tubs and bath solutions, this saved us after a recommendation from a friend! Its just the right amount of support for new babies where as we felt the sling insert inside of some of the other tubs caused both of our babies to slouch into uncomfortable positions. It dries out easily and we used it for a full 8 months!

Burts Bees Burp Cloths -We got a few different types of burp cloths to try and these were out favorite because they were the softest, most absorbent and have held up the best over time after MANY washes.

My Brest Friend Breast Feeding Pillow -The best thing that ever happened to us was this pillow! There is no way I could have nursed our babies without it, and I used it everyday 10-12 times a day in the first several weeks. We only just stopped using it around 7 months. The Brest Friend is designed a bit better than the boppy because it has a flat edge for the babies as opposed to being rounded which always worked better for all three of us.

Medela Soft Shells -Our postpartum nurse in the hospital recommended these and I am so thankful, they allowed air to get to the nipple and let them “rest” in between feeds the first week or two which makes a big difference during that adjustment period.

Belly Bandit -This was SO helpful postpartum and especially after having a c-section. Having the extra support in my abdomen (especially considering 16 pounds of babies gave me diastasis recti) was crucial for me to get back to feeling like myself (not from a vain stand point, but actually being able to move around, sit, stand, lay, etc).

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