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2015 | Best of Births | Northern Virginia Premier Birth Photographer

2015 was an amazing year to give birth! With 15 total births, 8 girls and 7 boys it was a year to remember! Here are a few fun stats about all of the #egpbirth babies!

  • The biggest baby weighed in it at 9 pounds and 2 ounces, and the smallest weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces.
  • The tallest baby was 22.25 inches long, 5 inches longer than the shortest at 17.25 inches.
  • Two babies were born at home and 13 were born in a hospital.
  • Virginia Hospital Center was my most frequently visited hospital! 
  • Half of the babies were born to first-time parents, only one was second in the birth order, four babies were their families third, two were the fourth and one was the fifth in their family!
  • 12 were delivered by an Obstetrician, two by a midwife and one delivered by her dad!
  • Five of the babies were born within a 4 week period (end of September through the end of October).
  • Six were born in the middle of the night, one was born on New Years Day
  • Two babies share the same name: Evelyn 
  • One third were born without an epidural, three were born via cesarean and every single birth was the happiest of birthdays. Enjoy my favorites!

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