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Lydia | Richmond, VA | Birth Photographer

Usually when I tell people I am a birth photographer it goes something like this…”Birth photography, you mean, actually being IN THE ROOM, for…that?!” I chuckle a bit and explain to them its not THAT shot, the one everyone sees in their mind when they hear the term “birth photographer”.  Being a birth photographer means I get to share a families story of one of the most monumental days of their lives. With social media as relevant as it is in our lives, people capture and document everything. Their starbucks order of choice, to-do lists, new shoes, I could go on and on. It is also standard practice to hire a professional photographer to capture your wedding, when your baby turns one, engagement pictures, christmas card pictures etc, so why not capture the story of your child’s birth day, a dad meeting his brand new daughter, or the first family photo?
These images of Lydia’s birth encompass so many of the reasons why I love my job, and why I think birth photography is so important. While I usually let the images speak for themselves, I have to tell you how humbling it was to witness this birth and how blessed I feel to share these images with you. Hannah labored completely naturally with the support of her husband, Jake, her doula, midwife, and a midwifery student. Everyone had a certain calm about them, which we all agreed was the Lord’s presence in the room. Each birth is different form the last and will be different from the ones in the future, which gives me something to appreciate about all them.

2014-10-20_0001 2014-10-20_0006 2014-10-20_0002 2014-10-20_0003 2014-10-20_0004 2014-10-20_0005 2014-10-20_0007 2014-10-20_0008 2014-10-20_0009 2014-10-20_0011 2014-10-20_0010 2014-10-20_0012 2014-10-20_0013 2014-10-20_0014 2014-10-20_0015 2014-10-20_0016 2014-10-20_0017 2014-10-20_0018 2014-10-20_0019 2014-10-20_0020 2014-10-20_0021 2014-10-20_0022 2014-10-20_0023 2014-10-20_0024 2014-10-20_0025 2014-10-20_0026 2014-10-20_0028 2014-10-20_0027 2014-10-20_0029 2014-10-20_0030 2014-10-20_0031 2014-10-20_0035 2014-10-20_0034 2014-10-20_0032

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