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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me | Personal

 photo by:  Sincerely, Liz

photo by: Sincerely, Liz

If you came across or dare I say, chose to read my 2015 goals post, you know that one of my goals was to share more personal blog posts with you guys. I’m not the best story teller, and by that I mean I tell what should be a 2 minute story in about 20 minutes, so I figured starting with more of a ‘list’ would be the best direction to go! 

1. Growing up I played, or rather I tried to play four different instruments. My parents signed me up for piano lessons when I was in 1st or 2nd grade, when that didn’t work out I tried to play the violin. Truth be told my mom used to pick me up from school 20 minutes early for those lessons and I always talked her in to stopping for ice cream on the way, which was clearly the real interest in violin. I also tried to play the trombone (yes, I know) and the flute in middle school-those careers were short lived as well. 

2. When I was in my senior year of college I had two foot surgeries. I had these awful bunions, and I was a whopping 20 years old, not 90 like most would assume considering how much pain I was in. Knowing I wanted to be active, and would likely be working on my feet I opted to have them both removed rather than suffer through years of pain. 

3. I detest the cold weather. And every day, at least twice a day I try to convince my husband we should move to an island. Okay, not an island but maybe Florida. 

4. I am on my third round of braces. I had them once in high school, then once for two months last summer and finally I have Invisalign now. Im already two months in and wishing I had gone with brackets again, this Invisalign induced lisp is killer. 

5. Tuna is my latest obsession. And I don’t mean tuna out of the can. Im talking tuna rolls, fresh ahi tuna, tuna steaks, seared tuna salads. I could eat it for every meal. 

  photo by:   Sincerely, Liz

photo by:  Sincerely, Liz

6. More than half of my closest is grey or white. Im not sure if I think those are the most versatile colors and therefore I continue to buy more and more of them, or if its just because I’m pretty plain when it comes to my clothes. If I find a shirt or a pair of pants I like, I will go back and by the same thing in a different color-more than likely in grey and white. 

7. I don’t watch TV. I swear this comes from being the youngest in a big family and never getting to pick what was on TV, but even as an adult I still have little interest. You could name any popular show thats on TV and I wouldn’t have a clue about it. 

8. My youngest nephew is my birthday bud! My mom said on the day he was born he was going to be “just like me” and even though he is only 18 months old he has so many personality traits that are similar to mine. 

9. The first paying client I ever booked was for a wedding (which is so far from the kind of photography I do now) but the best part is those clients are some of my dearest friends, and I am blessed to be able to capture their newest family member (when he/she arrives) this summer! 

10. If you came to our wedding you already know this one-but Mark and I like to talk to each other in accents when we are stuck in the car together for a long time. Our awesome DJ actually made Mark talk to our guests in his accents during our wedding reception.

 photo by:  Katelyn James Photography

photo by: Katelyn James Photography

How many things did you already know?! If you have a similar post, I’d love to read it! 🙂 

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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this. I feel like we are kindred spirits! From the trombone playing to not watching TV, wanting to move to a warmer state and having a mostly neutral closet despite being such colorful people. 🙂

    here is mine:

  2. Robby and I do #10 too! HAHAHAH!!! ‘Cheerio dahling!

    I love that you wrote this up, so fun to read! We don’t have tv either and I am asked often ‘omigosh did you see so-and-so on the Oscars’ or ‘how about that new episode of _‘ and I often repeat ‘don’t have cable’ 😀 haha!